I Only Came to Find My Dad [New]

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i only came to find my dad

I Only Came To Find My Dad Manga Short Story

In spite of her lack of a father, Louise lived happily with her mother. But after her mother's death, Louise's happy life came to an end.

Her uncle Benjamin, a scumbag who coveted Louis' mother, took her in as his niece. Louis' only rebellious act while in her uncle's hands was to commit suicide.

For some reason, Louise returned to the year her mother died. The joy of meeting her mother again couldn't stop her mother's death from repeating, so she left to find her father.

Those words from her mother, "Dad is alive," were the only clue she had, and they would ultimately change her destiny.

I barely managed to escape Benjamin and get to my dad's house... but he wasn't the only one there?

I Only Came To Find My Dad Manga Release Date

Release Date Release on Aug 2021
Rating Average 4.8
Last updated 31 Jan 2022
Status Ongoing
Author Blooming Bouquet (블루밍부케) - Ongnyo (옹뇨)/td>
Alternative 아빠만 찾으려고 했는데
Genres Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo

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