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the fabled warrior

The Fabled Warrior Short Story

As she would like you to believe, Myeongok is just your typical 49-year-old mother living her life with her family. Two people from another world suddenly appear and ask her for help to save their world. Now that she has a family, she cannot risk putting her life on hold... but will she be able to say no to her daughter? Myeongok has to find a way to save this other world and protect what's dearest to her as well.

The Fabled Warrior Release Date

Release Date Release on Sep. 2021
Rating Average 2.69
Last updated 31 Jan 2022
Status Ongoing
The Fabled Warrior Author Gosha - Solem
Alternative Necromancer of a Thousand Years; Millennium Spinning ; 천년방사
Genres Action - Adventure - Comedy - Fantasy

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Chapter 1

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