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Time Roulette Release Date

Release Date Release on Aug 2019
Rating Average 4.8
Last updated Feb 19,2022
Status Ongoing
Time Roulette Author Choi Yegyoon
Alternative Time Ruler ; 타임룰렛
Genres Adventure Action, Fantasy - Shounen - Webtoons -
Type Manhwa

Time Roulette Short Story

In a time of crisis, Manga Jeohun is studying law at Korean National University. Unfortunately, my father was hit and run...! He sees a strange object that resembles a compass! Suddenly a messenger named 'Jun' appears to him! With its powers, the Time Roulette grants wishes. Unexpected missions and disasters! And Karma, master of time travel! Will Junghoon be able to figure out the clues of the hit and run criminal and carry out his mission safely?

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Chapter 1

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